Your DIY projects in leather crafts

The DIY boxes listed here are larger projects that bring you step by step closer to your self-sewn dream bag. The leather, lining and leather fibre are glued together, the metal accessories are attached, the pieces are sewn together by hand and the edges are finished. All these steps are explained in our downloadable step-by-step instructions, and all the materials you need are already included in the respective DIY box.

When making these bag models, you will need a little more patience and time than with our "beginner" models, in addition to the basics of leather processing, gluing, sewing and edge finishing. Sometimes you have to poke holes in the leather manually with an awl or close pocket depths with a seam. But with our illustrated instructions, we guide you through all the production steps so that you can also complete longer projects without any problems.

The Modern Saddle 

149,00 €


Like the Crossbody, the new Saddle Bag is made in only 7-8 hours! 

The Saddle Bag has the following dimensions: 25 cm wide, 21 cm high, 7 cm deep (incl. flap). For orientation: it fits exactly a normal 0.5l bottle, a large wallet and some small items. There is also a 20 cm wide inner pocket.

OMG, have we mentioned the exchange flap yet? Yes, you read that right! The flap of this bag is attached to the back body of the bag with five screws and can be changed at will. This way you can customise the bag even more and match it to your looks - and dare to go for more unusual designs. Alternatively, you can sew the flap on permanently.

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The Ultimate Crossbody 

144,00 €


Our Crossbody is a bit bigger, but also made in only 7-8 hours! 

The crossbody has the following dimensions: 26cm wide, 16cm high, 7cm deep (at the deepest point). For orientation: it fits exactly a 0.5l water bottle from the supermarket, as well as a few small items (small wallet, sunglasses, make-up, keys, mobile phone).

The crossbody with a stylish click buckle on the front is not only chic, but can also be styled casually with a cool statement strap and a jumper and jeans. Instead of or in addition to a statement belt, you can of course also buy a chain (short or long) - just as you like.

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The Perfect Tote

204,00 €


The "Shopper" is our space miracle and is made in 12-14 hours! 

The Perfect Tote has the following measurements: 43cm wide, 29cm high, 15cm deep (at the deepest point). The bottom of the shopper is 34cm wide and 14cm deep. The inside pocket is 26cm wide and 13cm high, but flat.

The techniques for making the shopper and our other products are the same! The only difference in making the shopper is that you should allow a little more time for edge finishing (long handles and top edge of shopper opening), and that you will have to turn a completely sewn leather bag for the first time. However, this is not difficult, it just requires a bit of courage and patience at the same time 🙂

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The Casual Bucket

174,00 €


Our wonderful Bucket Bag, takes only 10-12 hours to make! 

The Casual Bucket has the following measurements: 26cm width, 28cm height, 16cm depth (at the deepest point). The bottom of the Bucket Bag is 25cm wide and 15cm deep. The inside pocket is 13cm wide and 18cm high, but flat.

For orientation - it fits the following: an A5 notebook, a 0.75 litre water bottle (just under, better 0.5 litre water bottle), a pouch, a jumper, a large wallet and a few small items (sunglasses, make-up, keys, mobile phone). The bucket bag has a lot of space and is even super tidy with the matching pouch!

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The Classic Backpack

189,00 €


Even your favourite backpack, our Backpack, is ready in 10-12 hours!

The backpack has the following dimensions: 26cm wide, 28cm high, 16cm deep (at the deepest point). The bottom is 25cm wide and 15cm deep. The inside pocket is 13cm wide and 18cm high, but flat.

The backpack is basically the same model as the Casual Bucket, but with a flap to close the body of the bag and two leather straps on the back. The leather straps on the back can also be removed and attached to the bag as a normal carrying option - and the backpack becomes a tote bag!

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Your new favourite handbag, made by you. With our DIY boxes you can easily make your own genuine leather accessories. And afterwards you'll have a unique piece in your hands that no one else has! Perfect for beginners too. With our step-by-step instructions, we provide you with all the important information and basics of leather processing.