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All information about BAGS & PIECES, our DIY boxes and the production at home can be found here.


Where can I find the instructions and the tutorial videos?

You can find our step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos here.

How does the production of your own leather accessories work?

All steps from ordering your DIY box to the moment you hold your finished leather accessories in your hands, have been explained on our "How it works" page.

Of course, the individual steps are different for each leather accessory - how exactly and in which order you have to proceed is explained in detail in our step-by-step instructions, which we will send you a link to download along with your order confirmation. The instructions are supported by our basics tutorials. Practical: Everything you need to make your leather accessories, including all the tools, is included in your box.

How long does it take to produce your own leather accessories?

The time you need to make your own leather accessories greatly depends on the individual DIY boxes and your wishes. Larger items such as bags take more time than smaller leather accessories such as luggage tags or sunglasses cases, because the seam lines are longer, which increases the time you need for sewing. Since everything is sewn by hand, sewing itself is the biggest time factor - but also the most fun!

Another aspect that influences the durability of your leather accessories is how many coats of edge colour you apply to the leather edges. After only two coats of colour you will achieve a beautiful and long-lasting result. However, if you want to achieve a perfectly uniform edge without any unevenness, you can also apply four or five coats of edge colour. Both the application and the drying times in between will extend the time it takes to make your leather accessories.

As a rough guideline, we have collected the following times: It takes 2 hours to make a luggage tag, 1.5 hours to make a sunglasses case, 3.5 hours to make a passport cover. So after two cosy afternoons for example, you will hold your finished travel kit in your hands! A Crossbody Bag takes about 8-10 hours including sewing, edge finishing and gluing. So here too you need about 2 comfortable afternoons for the production.

Do I need any previous knowledge to be able to make my own leather accessories?

Good News: You don't need any previous knowledge to craft your very own leather accessories! We want everyone, no matter how creative, skilled or experienced, to be able to make their own leather accessories with our DIY boxes.

Why we are so sure? Our DIY boxes are designed so that you can sew the leather parts together yourself, glue them together and finish the edges, but you don't have to cut anything or prepare holes for sewing. This guarantees that all parts fit together with millimetre precision. The instructions explain the individual steps in detail, and since the individual parts are already prepared, no questions remain unanswered when it comes to putting the individual parts together.

How can I be sure I'm not making mistakes?

With our detailed step-by-step instructions and our explanatory videos we accompany you during the entire production process. Due to the prepared individual parts, the steps from the instructions are easy to follow and to understand, so that you have fun while getting creative and don't have to ask yourself "Did I understand that correctly" all the time?

Since our leather parts arrive already cut out and with holes, you can't sew them together in a wrong way, because the parts fit each other exactly and there is only one way to sew them together.

And what happens if you still make a mistake?

Many of the individual steps, such as sewing the individual pieces, can also be undone by "sewing backwards" or by separating the pieces again. Even our special leather glue doesn't stick from the first second on, but only after you put some pressure on the surfaces. So if you have glued parts together in a wrong way, you can often "save" it again before it is final.

Of course, there are also moments when you can't save it anymore and mistakes just happen. That's no problem either and we'll be happy to help you so that you still end up with your new favourite accessory! If you don't know what to do anymore, or if a certain part can't be used anymore, then write us an email to and together we will find a solution, for example by sending you a new part for a small logistics fee.

Why are all leather parts sewn by hand?

The saddle stitch is the traditional way of sewing leather, which is still used today by fine bag makers and luxury leather goods manufacturers all over the world. Even in a large French traditional luxury house with the famous orange bags, the expensive models are still sewn by hand. This has not only idealistic reasons, but is also reflected in the longevity of your leather accessories: while in the step stitch of the sewing machine the threads are only looped over each other, in the saddle stitch the threads are intertwined, which is why the seam does not open completely, even if a thread becomes loose.

To guarantee the longevity of your leather accessories and to enable all DIY enthusiasts to make their leather accessories, we have designed all our DIY boxes with the principle of saddle stitching. This takes much longer than sewing with a sewing machine, but it is more durable and in the end you can say with full conviction that this accessory is 100% handmade. Once you have sewn a few stitches of saddle stitching, you will also find out how relaxing it is to use your hands and not to let the sewing machine do the work. A true #slowsewing project!

Can I also sew the accessories with my sewing machine?

The accessories can NOT be sewn with the sewing machine. Since the holes are already included in the leather, it is impossible to hit the holes at the exact point with every stitch of the sewing machine. This is only possible by good old handcraft. But the handcraft makes your leather accessory unique and is very durable.

Why is it so important to treat the leather edges with edge paint?

The base coat and edge paint give your leather accessories a durable finish. After the leather parts are sewn together, the edge paint serves as an additional fixation to keep the edges together.

But the most important thing: the edge paint seals the leather edges, so that your leather is not only water-repellent from the top of the surface, but also that no moisture can penetrate the leather through the edges. Even if the moisture cannot harm the leather itself, no one wants a wet handbag, do you?

Furthermore, the edge paint rounds off your leather accessory perfectly, gives it the final touch, so to speak. Many fine bag makers say that the accuracy and evenness of the edges show exactly how much time was invested in the production of the leather accessory.

How did the idea for BAGS & PIECES come about?

How did we get the idea to design DIY boxes to craft your own leather accessories? This can't be summarized in only 10 sentences.

But our founder Vivian told the detailed story on our page "The Story." 

Are there a BAGS & PIECES store or workshops?

Currently there is no BAGS & PIECES store yet. Our DIY boxes are designed so that you can make your own leather accessories from home without any stress - alone as a comfortable activity in your free time, or with friends in a larger group, for example at a relaxed girls' night. Also for bridal showers our DIY boxes have already been ordered and have given a lot of pleasure! Again, you don't need a person who explains everything, because the detailed instructions and our explanatory Videos do that for you.

Should you still have questions about the production, you can reach us at any time by email or you can send us a message on Instagram.

Where do the designs from BAGS & PIECES come from?

The designs for our leather accessories are created by our own team. When we offer new articles we always make sure that the design is simple enough to be made by you without any previous knowledge.

Furthermore we pay attention to a timeless and stylish design, which you will still like to use in several years and which fits to every personal style. So our leather accessories are real Everyday Essentials. After all, what a pity if your new favourite accessory only fits to very special outfits? 😉

How do I stay up to date and learn about new DIY boxes?

We are constantly expanding our designs and also our leather selection!

To stay up to date and not miss any new DIY boxes and leather colors and patterns, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom right corner of this page!

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