• Iron-on transfers 🥳

    Various small motifs summarized on a DIN A4 sheet, which you can apply to your favorite accessory with a hot press or an iron - can be used on leather as well as on fabric.

  • Edge color with glitter pigments ✨

    Edge finish next level - you can apply the edge color with glitter pigments as the last layer to your already finished leather edges to make your accessory a very special one-off.

  • Textile and metal label 🫶🏼

    Also this year we have come up with cool textile labels for you (included in a little door). There is also a metal label with writing that you can attach to your favorite piece.

  • Short, round, delicate chain ⛓️

    Maybe you already have a necklace as a wearing option, but definitely not one like this! This chain is processed beautifully filigree and looks really classy. It goes perfectly with another accessory included in the calendar.

  • Star rivets for screwing 🌟

    In search of an absolute hit for the advent calendar, we were inspired by a well-known couture label and fell in love with the star-shaped studs. You can apply the rivets to a project from the calendar (positioning template included), or use them for other projects.

  • Pricking Iron Set 🔨

    So that you can implement your own leather projects without a punch, a high-quality set of pricking irons in various sizes with round holes and interchangeable replacement punches is hidden behind a small door. This set has a value of EUR 59.00. You will also receive a detailed tutorial that explains how to use the tools.

  • Seam spacing markers/tire irons 🤓

    You will also receive a seam spacing marker (Edge Creaser) to go with the pricking iron. This is heated (e.g. with a lighter or a small alcohol lamp - not included) in order to be able to mark the distance from the edge on chrome-tanned leather. The "crease lines" also serve as a decorative line in luxury leather goods bag making.

  • Ruler for curves 📏

    Cutting even curves yourself with the cutter knife can be a challenge - from mid-December you can use your ruler with various rounded corners in different radii.

  • Silver pen 🖊️

    Small but practical! Use the silverpoint to mark patterns and shapes on the leather. It is clearly visible on dark, light and colored leather and can simply be wiped off smooth leather after use.

  • Hot foil pen 👩🏼‍🎨

    Decorate your leather parts with glossy foil, where you are not limited to certain shapes and letters - do what you like! This foil pen is connected via a USB stick and the tip heats up so that you can also apply foil to chrome-tanned leather. Perfect for leather accessories, such as. the keychains, to personalize individually.

  • Cleaning agent for smooth leather (not yet confirmed) 🧽

    With this special cleaning agent for smooth leather, you can keep your leather bag neat and supple without damaging the leather. Even small scratches can be polished out with this cleaning agent so that your bag looks like new again.

  • Waterproofing spray for suede (not yet confirmed) 💦

    Suede leather and other open-pored leather should be impregnated before wearing to protect the leather from moisture and dirt. With this waterproofing spray you can even make your leather water-repellent!

  • Special statement strap 🪩

    We have had our own webbing produced again, which is of super high quality and which you can use universally as a carrying variant - of course you also get carabiners and binding parts.

  • Pocket emptyer 🏵️

    You will receive a great, special piece of leather, which you can transform into a super high-quality pocket emptier with a pull seam according to our pattern. The perfect opportunity to use your prickle!

  • Keychain 🎁

    A total of six classic key fobs made of special leather are hidden behind two of the doors. You can decorate the key fob with the hot foil pen and use it as a gift label or seat marker at the Christmas table - or simply use it yourself.

  • Snowflake pendant, set of 3 ❄️

    You will receive leather straps that have already been cut to size, as well as illustrated instructions so that you can make your own three-dimensional pendant in the shape of a snowflake. The highlight here will also be the leather, which we have selected. Alternatively, you can make something else out of the straps.

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  • Leather belt made of individual elements 😍

    As an absolute eye-catcher, you can put together a strap made of many individual loop elements from a special leather. The individual leather elements for the strap are already pre-punched, you can then determine the length that suits you. The highlight will also be the leather, which allows you to create different color combinations.

  • Zippered Card Case 💳

    The masterpiece! In two doors you will receive an A4 piece of leather and zip fasteners to make your own card cases according to our instructions and template. There may be two different style options here. The production of filigree small leather goods is particularly challenging. However, the project is ideal for tackling the next project with your pricking irons.

  • The pochette made of velor 👛

    A pochette made of wonderfully soft and high-quality suede awaits you, which is ideal for personalization with the star rivets.

    You will receive the lining to match the selected metal parts, and you will also find the necessary tools and supplementary items in your advent calendar.

  • Exchange flap Saddle Bag or The Pouch 👜

    Depending on whether you already own a saddle bag or not, you will either receive a replacement flap or a pouch in a special structured leather, which you can optionally further personalize or simply use as is.

    Our support department will ask you whether you already own a saddle bag in September or October.

So now you know EVERYTHING!

We hope you like the content and are very excited to see how you interpret and implement the projects for yourself.

We are convinced that the advent calendar will bring you great joy and put a smile on your face every day. If you have any further questions, please contact us at any time. Or just now...

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