Become part of BAGS & PIECES and support us in our mission:
Stylish and high-quality leather accessories – homemade.

Welcome to leather paradise!

Every day we brighten up our customers' everyday lives with our do-it-yourself boxes and put a smile on their faces. They not only experience a creative break, but also an appreciation for making things themselves and the almost forgotten crafts of shoemaking and fine bagmaking.

With us you will not only find great, high-quality materials and varied work, but also the opportunity to contribute your individual ideas and help shape the growth of a modern start-up in DIY e-commerce.

More than two years ago we outgrew Vivian's old children's room and moved into our new space with 450 square meters in Hochspeyer (and even this space is slowly becoming scarce). From here, the fulfillment team produces, refines and packages our DIY boxes and sends them all over the world. The rest of the team works flexibly in Hochspeyer or from the home office.

And we're not done yet! Currently there is only one direction for us: high!

Join us and shape the next steps of growth with us as a team.

  • Many proud moments of success when we once again rocked the next special editions, new product launches, or our extensive Advent calendar #teamwork 💪🏼


    Happy feedback from great customers. We can proudly say that we have already received a few love letters 💌


    The opportunity to learn new things and develop yourself personally - whether it's product and material knowledge or new work techniques, it's always exciting with us! 🤓

  • A deep insight behind the scenes of a start-up and a lot of ownership: You play a key role in shaping our processes and growth, and are right in the middle of it, instead of just there! 🙆🏻‍♀️


    Flexible working hours that can be combined with your everyday life. Because work isn't everything in life either 😜


    Appreciation and collaboration at eye level. Together the highs are higher and the lows are not quite as deep. We overcome every challenge together and celebrate the successes 🎉

  • Strenuous and demanding moments in which maximum concentration and active tackling are necessary 🤜🏼 🤛🏼


    Taking responsibility and knowing that we rely on you. In our small team, every support counts and every effort is seen! 🤝🏼


    Working independently and thinking about everything you do.

    We work very flexibly, but also very independently and always with the focus on really making progress ☝🏼

  • If you now want to become part of BAGS & PIECES and make a difference instead of just “going to work”, then take a look at our open positions now!


Mandatory internship in e-commerce / 📍 Kaiserslautern

To support our team, we are looking for an intern for at least six months.

At BAGS & PIECES you have the opportunity to develop and contribute your own ideas in flat hierarchies, to manage and supervise projects independently and to continuously develop together with us. You can also have a say in how you structure your everyday working life.

The cool thing about short distances and flexible structures: Your ideas and the results of your work quickly become visible to us and the impact is measurable. If you are looking forward to taking on this responsibility in a job rather than just watching and want to really achieve results with your work, then you have come to the right place. By the way, they don't look bad on your CV for future challenges ☺️

Unless, of course, you want to continue gaining your experience at BAGS & PIECES! We are looking for both working students and people in permanent positions in the long term.

Hard facts – these are your possible areas of responsibility:

Important: We do not expect an intern to master all of the tools and disciplines mentioned. In your application, please tell us what knowledge you have, what your strengths are and what additional topics you would like to familiarize yourself with during your internship.

Each internship also includes support in fulfillment for several months (production and shipping). Only if you know our core processes can you properly understand downstream processes in e-commerce management, marketing, finance, purchasing and other areas.

  • Content Marketing & Content Creation: Planning and creating content for our website, social media, newsletter and other platforms - this also includes the implementation of photo shoots, editing photos with Adobe Lightroom, creating graphics in Canva or Illustrator, video editing with Adobe Premiere and copywriting
  • Sales: Implementation of new sales channels such as platforms, dealer cooperations, marketplaces, etc.
  • Purchasing: Goods research and procurement at home and abroad through direct dealer communication or via platforms
  • Customer Support & Fulfillment Management: Process customer inquiries, refunds and order adjustments

Knowledge or affinity for the DIY and sewing community is not necessary - but it is certainly an advantage if you are enthusiastic about your work and can empathize with the target group.

These character traits are important to us:

  • Strong communication skills: You have a feel for customers and target groups, can empathize with them and put it into beautiful words.
  • Structured and careful work: A long to-do list is no problem for you because you know how to prioritize, focus and work in a structured manner without losing track.
  • Willingness to learn and initiative: When it comes to new and unknown topics, you are willing to spend a few days familiarizing yourself with a new topic in order to understand it. If you have simple tool questions or questions about certain functions, you may not always pick up the phone, but sometimes even help yourself
  • Reliability: We count on you. Every single contribution makes a big difference for us and is immediately visible. That's why it's important that we can rely on you - but that you don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it.
  • And of course: good mood and enthusiasm for BAGS & PIECES!! 🙌🏼 We all love what we do and have fun at work - and hopefully you will too!

You should bring this profile with you as a basic requirement:

  • Fluent in German and English (written and spoken) and a good feel for the language
  • Good knowledge of all MS Office programs (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook)
  • Knowledge of some of the following programs or comparable tools is an advantage: Klaviyo, Google Analytics, Meta Business Manager, Instagram, Pinterest, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro, Shopify, Canva.

This is what we offer you:

  • Intensive training in defined areas
  • Diverse and creative work with a high-quality product that contains many ideas and possibilities for content production
  • A look behind the scenes of a young company and the chance to help shape an e-commerce start-up from almost the beginning >> if you're thinking about starting a business yourself, you've come to the right place!
  • The opportunity to gain practical experience and skills and see the impact of your results firsthand
  • Flexible working hours and some work in the home office, which you can easily combine with your individual situation

Duration: At least six months, but also up to ten months possible (with the option of subsequent student work or permanent employment)

Let's go!

If you would like to become part of BAGS & PIECES and support us with your knowledge, then we look forward to receiving a short application from you with a text and your CV to . Please let us know how long you would like to complete the internship.

If you have them, you can also send certificates, but motivation and soft skills impress us more than good grades and formalities. 🙃

You will receive a response from us promptly and if there is a match, we will first arrange a short phone call and then, if necessary, another video call or meet in person in Kaiserslautern.

We are looking forward to your application!

initiative application

As a rapidly growing start-up, we always need additional support! And not just in packaging and production, but also in customer service, marketing, content creation, design, manual creation, and much more. We're always looking for great characters, so feel free to apply at any time!

If you would like to become part of BAGS & PIECES and support us with your work, we look forward to receiving a short application from you with a text and your CV to . If you have one, you are welcome to send along certificates, but good character and motivation impress us more than good grades and formalities. 🙃