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You have a question? Then you will find all the answers about the ordering process and order processing here, as well as everything about BAGS & PIECES and our concept.

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Questions about the ordering process

If you have never put together a DIY box or DIY kit in our shop before, you will find all the answers about the ordering process here.

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How does an order work?

Each of our DIY boxes is available in different leather textures and colors and is available as an item in the shop. Currently, for example, smooth leather and leather with grain embossing (grain) in seven different colors. After you have decided on an item, you have the option of opening the configurator by clicking on "View leather colors and options" and putting together your DIY box according to your wishes. In the first step, choose the appropriate leather structure, leather color and also the desired color of the metal parts and the lining. The edge color and the leather sewing thread are each matched to the selected leather color. Depending on the DIY box, you have other options in the second step, such as adding more metal details or one of the different carrying options. If you have chosen a statement strap as a carrying option, you can also choose the width and design of the strap. As soon as you have chosen your item and made your selection, you can add it to the shopping cart.

Optionally, in the third step, you can further personalize your leather accessory with an embossing or the trapunto technique, or in the fourth step, you can add other accessories or supplementary items to your shopping cart.

In the ordering process you will be guided step by step through entering your data, choosing the shipping options and making the payment.

What happens if my favorite color is no longer available?

Sometimes it can happen that we no longer have all colors available in both leather structures for all DIY boxes. The same applies to some statement straps or other additional options such as carrying chains.

When options are sold out, they will be marked "Out of Stock" and you will not be able to order them. Unfortunately, we don't currently have a system for keeping waiting lists, but we will regularly let you know in our online shop and on social media when we will have different colors and accessories available again. In addition, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter to really stay up to date!

Why do I have to order the carry variant for my pocket DIY box separately?

Your bag DIY box does not come with a carrying variant by default. Since many of our customers already have a carrying option (necklace, leather strap or statement strap), we have decided to only add the carrying option to the DIY box as an option.

If you don't yet have a carrying variant or would like to use one to match your bag, you can put them together in the configurator. You can also order only the edging parts for a statement strap if you already have a strap and the appropriate carabiners for attachment.

Where can I enter my voucher/discount code?

If you have all the desired items in your shopping cart, you can use the "Check out" button to go to the checkout area. Here you will see an overview of all products under which you can enter the voucher code.

Where does the leather and the rest of the materials come from?

The leather in our standard collection comes from a Veneto tannery that has been working with leather for more than 20 years and supplies many well-known luxury leather goods labels. With innovative methods, especially in the area of ​​water treatment and resource-saving techniques, the tannery combines traditional craftsmanship with modern expertise.

The leather in our special editions mostly comes from surplus sales in Tuscany or is our own production that we commissioned from Italian tanneries. Surplus sales are leftover stocks from major luxury leather goods labels who no longer want to use these leathers as they work in seasonal collections. The leather is carefully selected by us on site, so that we can also offer very good quality and great features here. Treasure hunt, next level!

The other materials such as metal accessories, straps and other supplementary items come from suppliers in the leather processing industry. We source these from all over the world but especially Italy, Spain, Portugal, China and France depending on where we can find the best product for your DIY box.

Questions about manufacturing at home

Everything you need to make your DIY box will be delivered to you by us. But how exactly does production work?

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Do I need previous knowledge to start with a DIY box?

You don't need any prior knowledge to be able to make your own leather accessories with our DIY boxes! We want everyone, no matter how creative, handy or experienced, to be able to make their own leather accessories using our DIY boxes.

Why are we so sure about that? Our DIY boxes are designed in such a way that you sew the leather parts together, glue them together and finish the edges yourself, but you don't have to cut or punch any holes. This guarantees that all parts fit together with millimeter precision. The individual steps are explained in detail in the instructions, and since the individual parts are already prepared, no questions remain unanswered when it comes to assembling the individual parts.

How does the production of your own leather accessories work?

We have listed all the steps from ordering your DIY box to the moment you hold your finished leather accessories in your hands on our "How it works" page.

Of course, the individual steps are different for each leather accessory - how exactly and in which order you have to proceed is explained in detail in our step-by-step instructions, which we will send you when you place your order. Our basic videos will help you with the instructions.

Practical: Everything you need to make your leather accessories, including all the tools, is included in your box.

Why are all leather parts sewn by hand?

Saddle stitching is the traditional way of sewing leather that is still used today by fine bag makers and luxury leather goods manufacturers around the world. Even in a large traditional French house with the well-known orange bags, the expensive models are still sewn by hand.

This not only has ideal reasons, but is also reflected in the longevity of your leather accessory: While the threads of the backstitch of the sewing machine are only looped over one another, the threads of the saddle stitch are intertwined, which is why the seam, even if a thread comes loose, not fully open.

In order to guarantee the longevity of your leather accessories and to enable all DIY enthusiasts to be able to produce their leather accessories, we have designed all our DIY boxes using the principle of saddle stitching. Although this takes much longer than sewing with a sewing machine, it is more durable and in the end you can claim with full confidence that this accessory is 100% handmade. Also, once you sew a few stitches of saddle stitching, you'll find how relaxing it is to use your hands instead of letting the sewing machine do the work. A true #slowsewing project!

Can I also sew the accessories with my sewing machine?

The accessories CANNOT be sewn with the sewing machine. Since the holes are already in the leather, it is impossible to hit the holes with the sewing machine with every stitch. This is only possible through good old manual work. The handiwork makes your leather accessory unique and particularly durable.

How can I be sure I won't make mistakes?

With our detailed step-by-step instructions and our explanatory videos, we accompany you throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Thanks to the prepared individual parts, the steps in the instructions are easy to follow and understand, so that you can have fun getting creative and don't have to keep asking yourself "Did I understand that correctly?".

Since our leather parts arrive already cut out and with holes, you cannot, for example, "sew" them together, because the parts fit together exactly and there is only one way to sew them together.

And what happens if you make a mistake?

Many of the individual steps, such as the sewing of the individual parts, can also be undone by "sewing backwards" or separating the parts again. Even our special leather glue does not stick from the first second, but only after you have exerted some pressure on the surfaces. So if you've slipped or glued parts together incorrectly, you can often "save" it again before it's final.

Of course, there are also moments when nothing can be saved and mistakes just happen. That's not a problem either, and we're happy to help you get your new favorite accessory in the end!

If you don't know what to do, or if a certain part can no longer be used, send us an email to and we will find a solution together, for example by sending you a new part for a small logistics fee.

Where can I find the instructions and the explanatory videos?

You can find our step-by-step instructions and the explanation videos on the basics after you have placed your order on the order confirmation page and in your order confirmation as a download link.

How long does it take to make your own leather accessories?

The time you need to make your own leather accessories depends a lot on the individual DIY boxes and your wishes. Larger items like bags will take more time than smaller leather accessories like planners or belts because the stitching lines are longer, increasing the amount of time you need to sew. Since everything is sewn by hand, sewing itself is the biggest time factor - but also the most fun!

Another aspect that affects the manufacturing time of your leather accessories is how many coats of edge paint you apply to the leather edges. After only two coats of paint you will achieve a beautiful and long-lasting result. However, if you want a perfectly uniform edge with no bumps, you can also apply four or five coats of edge paint. Both the application and the drying times in between increase the time it takes to produce your leather accessories.

Why is it important to finish the leather edges with edge paint?

The base coat and edge color ensure a long-lasting finish on your leather accessories. After the leather parts have been sewn together, the edge color serves as an additional fixation to hold the edges together.

But the most important thing: the edge color seals the leather edges, so that your leather is not only water-repellent from above, but also no moisture can penetrate the leather through the edges. Even if the leather itself is not affected by moisture, nobody wants a damp handbag, right?

Furthermore, the edge color rounds off your leather accessory perfectly, giving it the finishing touch, so to speak. Many fine bag makers say that you can see exactly how much time was invested in the production of the leather accessory by the accuracy and evenness of the edges.

Questions to support

There is no problem or request that our support team cannot solve:

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Can I add something to my order afterwards?

If you forgot to add an additional item to your shopping cart when you were in a hurry, that's no problem. Simply order the items you need in the shop as usual and then write to our support that they should be attached to your open order - please don't forget to tell us the order number, this will make our search easier. Of course we will refund you the double shipping costs 😊

Can multiple individual orders be shipped together?

It is of course better for us if you order all items from us in one order. However, if you have ordered additional items and you would like to save shipping costs, we can also ship outstanding orders together. Please send us a short message with information about which orders (please state order numbers) should be shipped together - we will do the rest.

What if an order has not arrived in full?

We pack every order with love. Many individual steps are necessary. If we forgot to include something in your DIY box, write us a message to and we will immediately send the missing item by post.

Can I change my mind again after placing an order?

We've all been there: You've decided on a color, ordered it and are then unsure whether it really corresponds to your wishes.

As long as our stocks allow it and your order has not yet been fulfilled, we can change the color of the lining, the metal parts and also the color of the leather on your order - but please, please, don't let it become a habit 😉

Questions about BAGS & PIECES

Do you want to find out more about us? No problem!

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How did the idea for BAGS & PIECES come about?

How did you come up with the idea of ​​designing DIY boxes to make your own leather accessories? It's not that easy to summarize in 10 sentences.

You can read the detailed story on our “The Story” page.

Is there a BAGS & PIECES store or workshops?

There is currently no BAGS & PIECES store. Our DIY boxes are designed so that you can make your own leather accessories easily and without stress from home - alone as a leisurely activity in your free time, or with friends in a larger group, for example on a relaxed girls' evening. Our DIY boxes have also been ordered for bachelor parties and have been a lot of fun!

You don't need a person to explain everything again thanks to the detailed instructions and our explanatory videos.

If you still have questions about production, you can reach us at any time by email:

Where do the designs of the leather accessories come from?

The designs for our leather accessories are created by our own team. When we offer new items, we always make sure that their construction is so simple that you can make them without any prior knowledge.

We also pay attention to a timeless and stylish design that you will enjoy using for several years to come and that suits every personal style. Our leather accessories are real everyday essentials. Because how bad would it be if your new favorite accessory only fits very specific outfits? 😉

How do I stay up to date on new products?

We are constantly expanding our designs and also our leather selection!

To stay up to date and don't miss out on new DIY boxes and leather colors and patterns, sign up for our newsletter!

You couldn't find your answer? Maybe your question has something to do with “payment” and “shipping” or “complaints” and “returns” , feel free to take a look there.

Is your question still unanswered? Then send us a message to and we will get back to you!