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DIY Kit: Trapunto

DIY Kit: Trapunto

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With the trapunto technique, the leather is deformed in such a way that underlying shapes or patterns emerge.

This three-dimensional effect with raised figures is a great way to personalize your leather accessories again.

You can choose from 6cm letters or an A4 piece to cut yourself.

Contents of the DIY box

In the DIY box you will find everything you need for the trapunto technique:

Letters/figures made of reinforcement material

  • Two letters/shapes of your choice made of bonded leather at the right thickness for easy processing
  • Additional letters on request


  • Plastic edge former (reusable)

Step-by-step instructions & video

  • Download link to the detailed, illustrated step-by-step instructions (DE, EN, FR)
  • Access links to our explanation video (DE, EN)

Payment & Shipping

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Shipping & delivery time

The delivery time is between two and twelve working days.

Sounds long? It is!
Since we produce most products manually to order with great attention to detail, we need this time. The production-to-order approach also allows us to offer you several products from the different leather colors instead of just one pre-produced model. Furthermore, we only produce what was actually purchased - to ensure responsible use of our resources.

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  • Handmade by you

    Imagine you create something with your own hands and you can proudly say: I made it myself! An indescribably beautiful feeling that makes you appreciate your favorite bag even more.

  • Exactly your style

    Choose from countless color and style options and put together your DIY box according to your wishes. Personalize your leather accessory and make it something very special that nobody else has.

  • Quality matters

    The DIY boxes are handmade in Germany after ordering. We pay particular attention to using high-quality materials to ensure that your unique piece has a long life.

More information about the trapunto technique

How does it work?

 Trapunto is a technique in which leather is deformed in such a way that letters, figures or patterns appear on the underlying layers. The contour is worked out with a bone folder or edge shaper in such a way that a three-dimensional effect with raised figures is created. This craft is also known as bombing.

The trapunto technique is very easy to use with the right materials and is a great way to personalize your leather accessories again. Depending on the flexibility of the leather, the 3D effect has a greater or lesser effect. You will find the letters/figures and the edge shaper that you need for the Trapunto in this set.

Is the project suitable for beginners?

Our clear answer: YES!

If, contrary to expectations, you have any questions, our popular and highly rated customer support will be happy to help you. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. via email at

An important clue:

This DIY project is perfect for you if you like trying new things and generally have a certain affinity for DIY and crafting. You don't need to be particularly handy, but you should still enjoy making your own and be willing to learn new techniques.

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