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cork filler

cork filler

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Cork filler is a balling compound made of crushed cork and solvent-based glue that can be used for various purposes:

  • Compensating for unevenness on the back of the insole, for example when straps with thick leather or welts have been processed and the outsole should be glued to a flat surface
  • Compensation of unevenness on the back of the insole when manufacturing closed shoes such as sneakers, where the upper is very bulky and the cup sole should be glued to a flat surface
  • Selective build-up of lasts, for example with a high instep, hallux valgus or wide forefoot

The can is enough for about two to four shoe projects, depending on the scope required. If the crushed cork has dried out a bit, you can use our solvent-based adhesive (Klebfest from Renia) to bring the mass back to the right consistency.

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