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Set of 5 textile labels

Set of 5 textile labels

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Our self-designed textile labels can be easily sewn in and convey a wide variety of messages very discreetly, you will receive 5 labels of your choice:

A little cheeky and rebellious, but very justified for the badass parts you've already managed!


Real BAGS & PIECES connoisseurs will recognize these two expressions immediately

Easy peasy lemon squeezey.
As cool and casual as you say, this label says: "I simply made the hot part with my left hand".

Handmade ... like really, with hands.
We often say something is handmade, but it is "only" self-made. Your leather accessories are really HAND-made - really, with your own hands. How crazy is that?!

made with love Just kidding, my hands are dying.
This textile label shows both sides of your self-sewn leather bag - made by you with a lot of love, but also sometimes a bit more demanding for your hands (we only say: "Near of horror"). We like to take it with humor and keep reminding ourselves that real craftsmanship is no picnic.

This took forever... but I love it.
Good things take time, so do your homemade leather accessories, and we love every single one of them.

Nothing to see here.
Who of us hasn't experienced this, a small, ugly mishap on a piece that we made ourselves with a lot of love and effort ... Just take it with humor, because we don't make mistakes, it's all purely on purpose!

I didn't buy this.
With this label, the question "Where did you buy this great accessory from?" becomes unnecessary in the future. and you can show off your skills.

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