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Outsole material for sandals

Outsole material for sandals

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Outsole materials in DIN A4 format to cut yourself. The following options are available:

  • Chunky sole with characteristic embossing, 8 mm thick > suitable for sandals and slippers
  • Natural sole, 3 mm thick > suitable for sandals, slippers, dress shoes or boots

The outsole is generally the tread of a shoe that contacts the ground .
The natural sole consists of bonded leather, i.e. pressed leather fibers coated with latex, which are very durable and long-lasting due to their nature and give the shoe additional stability.
The chunky sole is made of EVA, a plastic that is particularly soft and rubbery due to its nature and thus offers good cushioning when walking without losing its resilience.

The materials can be cut with a utility knife and then sanded dry or wet with a sanding sponge (120 grit) or a Dremel. With the natural sole it is also possible to glue several layers together in order to build up a higher sole or a heel. Furthermore, the natural sole can be colored, either completely with leather color or the edges with edge color.

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