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sewing clamp

sewing clamp

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With this sewing clamp, sewing is not only easier, but also more comfortable and you protect your back.

With the clamp function you can attach leather parts to sew more easily. This leaves both hands free for the saddle stitch and positions the pieces in just the right position to sew with an eye on the edge. Thanks to the 360° rotation function, the clamp can be used in different sitting positions - for comfortable sewing and a gentler back. We can warmly recommend this investment, especially for longer sewing projects such as bags. It is also ideal as a holder for leather parts that need to dry with edge paint.

In addition to the sewing clamp, we will also send you two pieces of leather to be glued in place so that there are no imprints when clamping. The color cannot be selected here, as we use leftover leather. You will also receive two magnetic strips that you can attach to the block. These are super handy to put the needles there while sewing so that they don't hang loosely on the sewing piece and the sewing thread doesn't get tangled.

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