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Cushion for sandal without footbed

Cushion for sandal without footbed

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Pad, 1 mm thick, size: 1x DIN A4

This material is used to cushion the insoles of various types of shoes such as sneakers, sandals or boots.

Insoles are the inner soles that line the shoe Giving stability, structure and durability. In combination with our padding, the insole forms the basis of the bottom of the shoe and ensures good wearing comfort. The upholstery consists of an EVA mixture. EVA is a plastic that is particularly soft and rubbery due to its nature and thus offers good cushioning when walking without losing its resilience.

The material is best cut with scissors. Alternatively, it can also be cut with a cutter knife and then sanded dry with a sanding sponge (120 grit) or a Dremel.

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