Summer is on, with our travel set consisting of sunglasses case, passport cover and luggage tag. Currently reduced by 15.00 euros in selected colours - perfect for your summer holiday! 



Summer is on, with our travel set consisting of sunglasses case, passport cover and luggage tag. Currently reduced by 15.00 euros in selected colours - perfect for your summer holiday! 


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01. your selection

With all our DIY boxes you can choose between smooth and grain leather. You can choose the colour of the leather, the lining and the metal parts. You can also personalise your leather accessory with a monogram embossing.

02. your order

We provide you with everything you need to create your unique leather piece: pre-cut leather and lining parts, sewing thread, leather sewing needles, leather glue and brush, edge colour and applicator, all the metal parts you need as well as illustrated step-by-step instructions to download.

03. your unique piece

Depending on the accessory, the lining, reinforcement and leather are glued together first, some edges are painted and metal details are added. Sew your leather accessory together by hand with the traditional saddler's seam and finish off with the remaining leather edges. And your accessory is ready - made by you!


Here is something really great: DIY kits with which you have the possibility to sew a leather bag YOURSELF. And the great thing is: you don't even have to know anything about leather crafting! The box contains absolutely everything you need, including tools. There are also very easy to understand instructions with lots of tips. I've never worked with leather before and now I'm making my 7th (yes, seventh! 🤣) bag. It's just so much fun and the results are impressive. The finished bags don't look homemade at all, but very high quality. The many personalisation options are also great. The customer service is also very friendly, quick and helpful. I can only recommend it! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Becky via Trustpilot

I was sceptical at first and thought to myself whether it was really possible to do it myself ...But then I simply tried it out and lo and behold, the the result is really impressive and I am mega thrilled 🤩
The customer service is also really nice and helpful, really super people! Gladly again!

Fabienne A. via Trustpilot

I came across Bags and Pieces through Instagram and found the concept super exciting. When the development process for the shopper was finished, I had to take advantage of the introductory offer. The DIY box arrived beautifully in a decorative box and the instructions are clearly explained. When I started the first steps I was still unsure for fear of making a mistake, but then I really had fun sewing and gluing. It is so exciting to see how a leather bag slowly takes shape. The edge work still needs patience, but it's worth it. Now I'm super proud of myself and the owner of a high-quality bag that I sewed myself. It also fits my laptop perfectly with a thin protective cover. In the meantime, I can also call the Bucket Bag and a Crossbody my own, because the DIY boxes are really addictive 🙈

Nici from Switzerland, via Instagram

At first I had my doubts because I had absolutely no idea about making handbags. about making handbags, but I have to say I'm totally hooked. For the products of BAGS & PIECES you don't need any previous knowledge and you definitely don't have to behave any fear of. The products are super high quality and the instructions are really easy to understand. I have never made anything like this before and have found something very special for myself. something special for me which is really fun and a great distraction from everyday life.Special mention must be made of theI have not had such friendly and helpful service for years. If I could give stars stars, I would give it 12 out of 10 stars!For me, this has become a great hobby where even as a beginner you don't have to be afraid. have need be afraid. 👍🏻😊

Manuela L. via Instagram

Heartfelt recommendation! I am an absolute fan.Starting with the idea that everyone can decide for themselves what their own glued, sewn and sealed bag should look like, sewn, sealed bag - almost no wish remains unfulfilled here. And if there is, there is an excellent customer service - super warm, open and always solution-oriented. solution-orientedI have hardly ever experienced anything like it. You can feel the passion behind this company - here the customer is king or queen. The shipping is super fastThe boxes and the leather are of high quality and everything is packed with love. Everything is included that is needed for a self-made bag, without any prior knowledge. I remain a regular customer - as you can see. 😁

Lisa Z. via Trustpilot



How do you come up with the idea of designing DIY boxes for making your own leather accessories? It's not that easy to summarise in 10 sentences.What began with a passion for luxury handbags and a head full of colourful ideas ended in months of research, countless design courses, miles of journeys to Italy, as well as many shortcuts - only to take the detour three times to reach the destination. But now from the beginning: the story begins ...
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Your new favourite handbag, made by you. With our DIY boxes you can easily make your own genuine leather accessories. And afterwards you'll have a unique piece in your hands that no one else has! Perfect for beginners too. With our step-by-step instructions, we provide you with all the important information and basics of leather processing.